Flower Care

General FloweR Care

Your fresh flowers may look a little thirsty when you arrive home–this is normal.  Please follow these simple steps to care for your flower bouquet:  

Prepare a clean vase or container with about 4″ of fresh, cool water. If available, mix in a little flower food to prevent bacteria and give added nutrients.

Remove your bouquet from the paper wrap. Remove any foliage from the flowers that will fall below the waterline of your container. This prevents the growth      of mold or bacteria that can cause premature wilting.

Using sharp, clean scissors or a knife, cut your stems diagnonally, approximately one inch from the bottom of the stem. The angled cut allows for a larger surface area for water absorption.

Place the bouquet in water immediately after trimming the stems.

Keep your fresh flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts and excessive heat.

We recommend changing your water every 48-72 hours to help keep your flowers fresh. You can also give them a fresh trim when you change the water to keep them fully hydrated.

Exposing flowers to warm environments (outdoors, a hot room, sunlight, etc.) will help the flowers bloom, while storing your flowers in a cooler environment will slow down the opening process.  Most flowers should be kept in a cool, dark location unless you are trying to speed up the blooming process.  Always avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Keep flowers away from fruit, vegetables and/or plants which produce ethylene gas.  Ethylene in the surrounding area could cause your flowers to wilt.  

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