Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces

Bonjour Flower Truck

Bits & Pieces

Bonjour! is a classic 1971 VW Single Cab truck from Germany

She measures 69.5″ wide x 174″ long x 77” high (7 feet tall with her “Tarpaulin” canopy raised to her full height)

We drive her to all events and events are typically 3 hours in length

We arrive 30 to 60 minutes prior to your start time, depending on the event

Bonjour holds 20 French galvanized buckets filled with a recipe of fresh stems flowers, filler flowers and greenery

The passenger side of the truck and the back of the truck holds all the buckets

The driver’s side of the truck is our creative workspace

Bonjour! is a self-service bouquet making experience

A Bonjour! “Flowerista” attends all events to assist and wrap your guests’ beautiful arrangements

All bouquets are wrapped in brown kraft paper, tied with twine, and adorned with a Bonjour! label

She is adorned with self-powered string lights under her Tarpaulin for evening events

Flower types and colors are determined by what is seasonally available

Bonjour! will provide a Certificate of Insurance if required

We ask all event venues provide in writing approval to be on property

We love charity organizations and fundraisers, if you’re a non-profit let’s work together!

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